How ASSE Safety 2017 Innovations Enhance Employee Safety

By Scott Francis
Midwest Regional Market Manager, Westex by Milliken
and Samantha Hoch
Marketing Communications Strategist, Haws®

We believe when it comes to safety, you should not have to compromise. Leaders in the safety industry design innovative, yet functional, equipment to protect workers while on the job. From emergency response equipment to flame resistant (FR) fabrics, today’s safety programs incorporate leading technology to provide a multifaceted plan to combat job-related hazards.

Today, we partnered with Haws, a leading emergency response equipment manufacturer, to preview new safety innovations premiering at the upcoming ASSE Safety 2017 in Denver, June 19-21, 2017.

Westex by Milliken: UltraSoft® Flex
UltraSoft Flex Shirt ASSE Safety 2017

The Westex UltraSoft® line is one of our most popular FR fabrics and has a strong reputation for providing an excellent balance of protection, comfort, and value. Designed with both comfort and safety in mind, UltraSoft® offers arc flash and flash fire protection that you can trust.

At ASSE Safety 2017, booth 1525, we’re debuting the newest evolution of Westex UltraSoft®, UltraSoft® Flex FR fabric, which builds on this trusted line to offer even more flexibility – allowing for superior mobility and maximum comfort.

Westex UltraSoft® Flex provides 50% more stretch than other FR fabrics. According to a wear trial, three out of four workers prefer everyday FR apparel constructed with our new UltraSoft® Flex fabric when working on the job, as it allows them to move freely and comfortably despite the specific task at hand.

In addition to added flexibility, Westex UltraSoft® Flex also offers excellent softness, shrinkage control, and guaranteed flame resistance made possible with our advanced, proprietary engineering process

Westex UltraSoft® Flex is NFPA 2112 certified and provides NFPA 70E Category 2 protection – making it a leading choice for everyday arc flash or flash fire protection in a variety of industries.

UltraSoft® Flex is the FR fabric your employees will want to wear. Multi-hazard protection, increased mobility and superior comfort, Westex UltraSoft® Flex makes adopting everyday FR apparel simple. It removes the decision of protection or comfort on the job and makes both a fundamental benefit of daily FR workwear.

ASSE Safety 2017
For more than 110 years, Haws has been committed to inventing, designing, and manufacturing hydration equipment as well as standardized and customized emergency response products.

Haws’ core emergency equipment product line includes eyewashes, which remove contaminants from the eyes; eye/face washes, which remove contaminants from the eyes and the face; drench showers, which remove contaminants from the entire body; and an eye/face wash and a drench shower together, which is called a combination unit. They also offer all variations of configurations with stainless steel or ABS plastic options.

ASSE Safety 2017
Traditional eyewash water flows from the outside-in, pushing contaminants toward the inner corners of the eyes – where susceptible tear ducts, glands, and canals are located. The ideal approach is to sweep contaminants away from the tear ducts to the outside of the eye. Haws’ innovative nature came forth to create the AXION MSR technology, with MSR standing for Medically Superior Response. AXION MSR is the only eye/face wash adhering to this preferred methodology, with inverted water streams gently flushing contaminants away from the sensitive glands and ducts that surround the eye.

The advanced technology process behind the eye/face wash was considered when redesigning emergency response showerheads. The AXION MSR showerhead has a hydrodynamic design to minimize strong physical pressure by releasing smaller, more discreet droplets. In addition, the engineering team improved the conventional showerhead design by spinning the water inlet, making the distribution even across the entire footprint of the flow. These inventive advancements allow for consistent, comfortable water pressure.

To discover more cutting-edge innovations to protect employees while attending ASSE Safety 2017, visit Westex by Milliken at Booth 1525 and Haws at Booth 615.

For more information on the innovations discussed here, view the following resources:

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